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List of all bird species in the world. Sibley-Monroe List.
PASSERIFORMES - PASSERI - Climacteridae through Sturnidae
PASSERIFORMES - PASSERI - Sittidae through Passeridae
Over 1300 bird images!

1 Ostrich, 2 Rheas, 3 Cassowaries & Emu, 4 Kiwis,
5 Tinamous, 6 Guans, 7 Megapodes, 8 Grouse & Allies,
9 Guineafowls, 10 New world Quails, 11 Screamers, 12 Magpie Goose,
13 Whistling Ducks,

Whitefaced Whisling Duck, Dendrocygna viduata

14 Ducks & Allies,

Tufted Duck, Aythya fuligula

Open to anywhere in the 443 pages of birds and you'll find a colour plate to the right, showing all the variants of colour and plumage (including breeding and immature birds, when different). And on the left,........

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1   Struthionidae: Ostrich              Ostrich, Struthio camelus
   1 Struthio camelus                     Ostrich                             
2   Rheidae: Rheas                          
   2 Rhea americana                       Greater Rhea                        
   3 Rhea pennata                         Lesser Rhea                         
3   Casuariidae: Cassowaries and Allies     
   4 Casuarius casuarius                  Southern Cassowary                  
   5 Casuarius bennetti                   Dwarf Cassowary                     
   6 Casuarius unappendiculatus           Northern Cassowary                  
   7 Dromaius novaehollandiae             Emu                                 
4   Apterygidae: Kiwis                      
   8 Apteryx australis                    Brown Kiwi                          
   9 Apteryx owenii                       Little Spotted Kiwi                 
  10 Apteryx haastii                      Great Spotted Kiwi                  
5   Tinamidae: Tinamous                     
  11 Tinamus tao                          Grey Tinamou                        
  12 Tinamus solitarius                   Solitary Tinamou                    
  13 Tinamus osgoodi                      Black Tinamou                       
  14 Tinamus major                        Great Tinamou                       
  15 Tinamus guttatus                     White-throated Tinamou              
  16 Nothocercus bonapartei               Highland Tinamou                    
  17 Nothocercus julius                   Tawny-breasted Tinamou              
  18 Nothocercus nigrocapillus            Hooded Tinamou                      
  19 Crypturellus berlepschi              Berlepsch's Tinamou                 
  20 Crypturellus cinereus                Cinereous Tinamou                   
  21 Crypturellus soui                    Little Tinamou                      
  22 Crypturellus ptaritepui              Tepui Tinamou                       
  23 Crypturellus obsoletus               Brown Tinamou                       
  24 Crypturellus cinnamomeus             Thicket Tinamou                     
  25 Crypturellus undulatus               Undulated Tinamou                   
  26 Crypturellus transfasciatus          Pale-browed Tinamou                 
  27 Crypturellus strigulosus             Brazilian Tinamou                   
  28 Crypturellus boucardi                Slaty-breasted Tinamou              
  29 Crypturellus kerriae                 Choco Tinamou                       
  30 Crypturellus erythropus              Red-legged Tinamou                  
  31 Crypturellus duidae                  Grey-legged Tinamou                 
  32 Crypturellus noctivagus              Yellow-legged Tinamou               
  33 Crypturellus atrocapillus            Black-capped Tinamou                
  34 Crypturellus variegatus              Variegated Tinamou                  
  35 Crypturellus brevirostris            Rusty Tinamou                       
  36 Crypturellus bartletti               Bartlett's Tinamou                  
  37 Crypturellus parvirostris            Small-billed Tinamou                
  38 Crypturellus casiquiare              Barred Tinamou                      
  39 Crypturellus tataupa                 Tataupa Tinamou                     
  40 Rhynchotus rufescens                 Red-winged Tinamou                  
  41 Nothoprocta taczanowskii             Taczanowski's Tinamou               
  42 Nothoprocta kalinowskii              Kalinowski's Tinamou                
  43 Nothoprocta ornata                   Ornate Tinamou                      
  44 Nothoprocta pentlandii               Andean Tinamou                      
  45 Nothoprocta cinerascens              Brushland Tinamou                   
  46 Nothoprocta perdicaria               Chilean Tinamou                     
  47 Nothoprocta curvirostris             Curve-billed Tinamou                
  48 Nothura darwinii                     Darwin's Nothura                    
  49 Nothura chacoensis                   Chaco Nothura                       
  50 Nothura maculosa                     Spotted Nothura                     
  51 Nothura minor                        Lesser Nothura                      
  52 Nothura boraquira                    White-bellied Nothura               
  53 Taoniscus nanus                      Dwarf Tinamou                       
  54 Eudromia elegans                     Elegant Crested-Tinamou             
  55 Eudromia formosa                     Quebracho Crested-Tinamou           
  56 Tinamotis pentlandii                 Puna Tinamou                        
  57 Tinamotis ingoufi                    Patagonian Tinamou                  
6   Cracidae: Guans                         
  58 Ortalis vetula                       Plain Chachalaca                    
  59 Ortalis cinereiceps                  Grey-headed Chachalaca              
  60 Ortalis garrula                      Chestnut-winged Chachalaca          
  61 Ortalis ruficauda                    Rufous-vented Chachalaca            
  62 Ortalis erythroptera                 Rufous-headed Chachalaca            
  63 Ortalis wagleri                      Rufous-bellied Chachalaca           
  64 Ortalis poliocephala                 West Mexican Chachalaca             
  65 Ortalis canicollis                   Chaco Chachalaca                    
  66 Ortalis leucogastra                  White-bellied Chachalaca            
  67 Ortalis guttata                      Speckled Chachalaca                 
  68 Ortalis motmot                       Little Chachalaca                   
  69 Ortalis superciliaris                Buff-browed Chachalaca              
  70 Penelope argyrotis                   Band-tailed Guan                    
  71 Penelope barbata                     Bearded Guan                        
  72 Penelope ortoni                      Baudo Guan                          
  73 Penelope montagnii                   Andean Guan                         
  74 Penelope marail                      Marail Guan                         
  75 Penelope superciliaris               Rusty-margined Guan                 
  76 Penelope dabbenei                    Red-faced Guan                      
  77 Penelope purpurascens                Crested Guan                        
  78 Penelope perspicax                   Cauca Guan                          
  79 Penelope albipennis                  White-winged Guan                   
  80 Penelope jacquacu                    Spix's Guan                         
  81 Penelope obscura                     Dusky-legged Guan                   
  82 Penelope pileata                     White-crested Guan                  
  83 Penelope ochrogaster                 Chestnut-bellied Guan               
  84 Penelope jacucaca                    White-browed Guan                   
  85 Pipile pipile                        Trinidad Piping-Guan                
  86 Pipile cumanensis                    Blue-throated Piping-Guan           
  87 Pipile cujubi                        Red-throated Piping-Guan            
  88 Pipile jacutinga                     Black-fronted Piping-Guan           
  89 Aburria aburri                       Wattled Guan                        
  90 Chamaepetes unicolor                 Black Guan                          
  91 Chamaepetes goudotii                 Sickle-winged Guan                  
  92 Penelopina nigra                     Highland Guan or Black Penelopina   
  93 Oreophasis derbianus                 Horned Guan                         
  94 Nothocrax urumutum                   Nocturnal Curassow                  
  95 Mitu tomentosa                       Crestless Curassow                  
  96 Mitu salvini                         Salvin's Curassow                   
  97 Mitu tuberosa                        Razor-billed Curassow               
  98 Mitu mitu                            Alagoas Curassow                    
  99 Pauxi pauxi                          Helmeted Curassow                   
 100 Pauxi unicornis                      Horned Curassow                     
 101 Crax rubra                           Great Curassow                      
 102 Crax alberti                         Blue-knobbed Curassow               
 103 Crax daubentoni                      Yellow-knobbed Curassow             
 104 Crax alector                         Black Curassow                      
 105 Crax globulosa                       Wattled Curassow                    
 106 Crax fasciolata                      Bare-faced Curassow                 
 107 Crax blumenbachii                    Red-billed Curassow                 
  Megapodiidae: Megapodes                 
 108 Alectura lathami                     Australian Brush-turkey             
 109 Aepypodius arfakianus                Wattled Brush-turkey                
 110 Aepypodius bruijnii                  Bruijn's Brush-turkey               
 111 Talegalla cuvieri                    Red-billed Brush-turkey             
 112 Talegalla fuscirostris               Black-billed Brush-turkey           
 113 Talegalla jobiensis                  Brown-collared Brush-turkey         
 114 Macrocephalon maleo                  Maleo                               
 115 Megapodius nicobariensis             Nicobar Scrubfowl                   
 116 Megapodius cumingii                  Tabon Scrubfowl                     
 117 Megapodius bernsteinii               Sula Scrubfowl                      
 118 Megapodius reinwardt                 Orange-footed Scrubfowl             
 119 Megapodius freycinet                 Dusky Scrubfowl                     
 120 Megapodius affinis                   New Guinea Scrubfowl                
 121 Megapodius eremita                   Melanesian Scrubfowl                
 122 Megapodius layardi                   Vanuatu Scrubfowl                   
 123 Megapodius laperouse                 Micronesian Scrubfowl               
 124 Megapodius pritchardii               Niuafoou Scrubfowl                  
 125 Megapodius wallacei                  Moluccan Scrubfowl                  
 126 Leipoa ocellata                      Malleefowl                          
  Phasianidae: Grouse and Allies          
 127 Lerwa lerwa                          Snow Partridge                      
 128 Ammoperdix griseogularis             See-see Partridge                   
 129 Ammoperdix heyi                      Sand Partridge                      
 130 Tetraogallus caucasicus              Caucasian Snowcock                  
 131 Tetraogallus caspius                 Caspian Snowcock                    
 132 Tetraogallus tibetanus               Tibetan Snowcock                    
 133 Tetraogallus altaicus                Altai Snowcock                      
 134 Tetraogallus himalayensis            Himalayan Snowcock                  
 135 Tetraogallus obscurus                Chestnut-throated Partridge         
 136 Tetraophasis szechenyii              Buff-throated Partridge             
 137 Alectoris graeca                     Rock Partridge                      
 138 Alectoris chukar                     Chukar                              
 139 Alectoris philbyi                    Philby's Partridge                  
 140 Alectoris magna                      Rusty-necklaced Partridge           
 141 Alectoris barbara                    Barbary Partridge                   
 142 Alectoris rufa                       Red-legged Partridge                
 143 Alectoris melanocephala              Arabian Partridge                   
 144 Francolinus francolinus              Black Francolin                     
 145 Francolinus pictus                   Painted Francolin                   
 146 Francolinus pintadeanus              Chinese Francolin                   
 147 Francolinus pondicerianus            Grey Francolin                      
 148 Francolinus gularis                  Swamp Francolin                     
 149 Peliperdix coqui                     Coqui Francolin                     
 150 Peliperdix albogularis               White-throated Francolin            
 151 Peliperdix schlegelii                Schlegel's Francolin                
 152 Peliperdix lathami                   Forest Francolin                    
 153 Peliperdix sephaena                  Crested Francolin                   
 154 Scleroptila streptophorus            Ring-necked Francolin               
 155 Scleroptila finschi                  Finsch's Francolin                  
 156 Scleroptila africanus                Grey-winged Francolin               
 157 Scleroptila levaillantii             Red-winged Francolin                
 158 Scleroptila psilolaemus              Moorland Francolin                  
 159 Scleroptila shelleyi                 Shelley's Francolin                 
 160 Scleroptila levaillantoides          Orange River Francolin              
 161 Pternistis nahani                    Nahan's Francolin                   
 162 Pternistis hartlaubi                 Hartlaub's Francolin                
 163 Pternistis bicalcaratus              Double-spurred Francolin            
 164 Pternistis clappertoni               Clapperton's Francolin              
 165 Pternistis icterorhynchus            Heuglin's Francolin                 
 166 Pternistis harwoodi                  Harwood's Francolin                 
 167 Pternistis adspersus                 Red-billed Francolin                
 168 Pternistis capensis                  Cape Francolin                      
 169 Pternistis hildebrandti              Hildebrandt's Francolin             
 170 Pternistis natalensis                Natal Francolin                     
 171 Pternistis ahantensis                Ahanta Francolin                    
 172 Pternistis squamatus                 Scaly Francolin                     
 173 Pternistis griseostriatus            Grey-striped Francolin              
 174 Pternistis leucoscepus               Yellow-necked Spurfowl              
 175 Pternistis rufopictus                Grey-breasted Spurfowl              
 176 Pternistis afer                      Red-necked Spurfowl                 
 177 Pternistis swainsonii                Swainson's Spurfowl                 
 178 Pternistis erckelii                  Erckel's Francolin                  
 179 Pternistis ochropectus               Ochre-breasted Francolin            
 180 Pternistis castaneicollis            Chestnut-naped Francolin            
 181 Pternistis nobilis                   Handsome Francolin                  
 182 Pternistis jacksoni                  Jackson's Francolin                 
 183 Pternistis camerunensis              Cameroon Francolin                  
 184 Pternistis swierstrai                Swierstra's Francolin               
 185 Perdix perdix                        Grey Partridge                      
 186 Perdix dauurica                      Daurian Partridge                   
 187 Perdix hodgsoniae                    Tibetan Partridge                   
 188 Rhizothera longirostris              Long-billed Partridge               
 189 Margaroperdix madagarensis           Madagascar Partridge                
 190 Melanoperdix nigra                   Black Partridge                     
 191 Coturnix coturnix                    Common Quail                        
 192 Coturnix japonica                    Japanese Quail                      
 193 Coturnix pectoralis                  Stubble Quail                       
 194 Coturnix novaezelandiae              New Zealand Quail                   
 195 Coturnix coromandelica               Rain Quail                          
 196 Coturnix delegorguei                 Harlequin Quail                     
 197 Coturnix ypsilophora                 Brown Quail                         
 198 Coturnix adansonii                   Blue Quail                          
 199 Coturnix chinensis                   Blue-breasted Quail or King Quail   
 200 Anurophasis monorthonyx              Snow Mountains Quail                
 201 Perdicula asiatica                   Jungle Bush-Quail                   
 202 Perdicula argoondah                  Rock Bush-Quail                     
 203 Perdicula erythrorhyncha             Painted Bush-Quail                  
 204 Perdicula manipurensis               Manipur Bush-Quail                  
 205 Arborophila torqueola                Hill Partridge                      
 206 Arborophila rufogularis              Rufous-throated Partridge           
 207 Arborophila atrogularis              White-cheeked Partridge             
 208 Arborophila crudigularis             Formosan Partridge                  
 209 Arborophila mandellii                Chestnut-breasted Partridge         
 210 Arborophila brunneopectus            Bar-backed Partridge                
 211 Arborophila rufipectus               Sichuan Partridge                   
 212 Arborophila orientalis               Grey-breasted Partridge             
 213 Arborophila javanica                 Chestnut-bellied Partridge          
 214 Arborophila hyperythra               Red-breasted Partridge              
 215 Arborophila gingica                  White-necklaced Partridge           
 216 Arborophila davidi                   Orange-necked Partridge             
 217 Arborophila cambodiana               Chestnut-headed Partridge           
 218 Arborophila rubrirostris             Red-billed Partridge                
 219 Arborophila ardens                   Hainan Partridge                    
 220 Arborophila chloropus                Scaly-breasted Partridge            
 221 Arborophila merlini                  Annam Partridge                     
 222 Arborophila charltonii               Chestnut-necklaced Partridge        
 223 Caloperdix oculea                    Ferruginous Partridge               
 224 Haematortyx sanguiniceps             Crimson-headed Partridge            
 225 Rollulus rouloul                     Crested Partridge                   
 226 Ptilopachus petrosus                 Stone Partridge                     
 227 Bambusicola fytchii                  Mountain Bamboo-Partridge           
 228 Bambusicola thoracica                Chinese Bamboo-Partridge            
 229 Galloperdix spadicea                 Red Spurfowl                        
 230 Galloperdix lunulata                 Painted Spurfowl                    
 231 Galloperdix bicalcarata              Sri Lanka Spurfowl                  
 232 Ophrysia superciliosa                Himalayan Quail                     
 233 Ithaginis cruentus                   Blood Pheasant                      
 234 Tragopan melanocephalus              Western Tragopan                    
 235 Tragopan satyra                      Satyr Tragopan                      
 236 Tragopan blythii                     Blyth's Tragopan                    
 237 Tragopan temminckii                  Temminck's Tragopan                 
 238 Tragopan caboti                      Cabot's Tragopan                    
 239 Pucrasia macrolopha                  Koklass Pheasant                    
 240 Lophophorus impejanus                Himalayan Monal                     
 241 Lophophorus sclateri                 Sclater's Monal                     
 242 Lophophorus lhuysii                  Chinese Monal                       
 243 Gallus gallus                        Red Junglefowl                      
 244 Gallus sonneratii                    Grey Junglefowl                     
 245 Gallus lafayetii                     Sri Lanka Junglefowl                
 246 Gallus varius                        Green Junglefowl                    
 247 Lophura leucomelanos                 Kalij Pheasant                      
 248 Lophura nycthemera                   Silver Pheasant                     
 249 Lophura imperialis                   Imperial Pheasant                   
 250 Lophura edwardsi                     Edwards's Pheasant                  
 251 Lophura hatinhensis                  Vietnamese Pheasant                 
 252 Lophura swinhoii                     Swinhoe's Pheasant                  
 253 Lophura hoogerwerfi                  Hoogerwerf's Pheasant               
 254 Lophura inornata                     Salvadori's Pheasant                
 255 Lophura erythrophthalma              Crestless Fireback                  
 256 Lophura ignita                       Crested Fireback                    
 257 Lophura diardi                       Siamese Fireback                    
 258 Lophura bulweri                      Bulwer's Pheasant                   
 259 Crossoptilon harmani                 Tibetan Eared-Pheasant              
 260 Crossoptilon crossoptilon            White Eared-Pheasant                
 261 Crossoptilon mantchuricum            Brown Eared-Pheasant                
 262 Crossoptilon auritum                 Blue Eared-Pheasant                 
 263 Catreus wallichii                    Cheer Pheasant                      
 264 Syrmaticus ellioti                   Elliot's Pheasant                   
 265 Syrmaticus humiae                    Mrs. Hume's Pheasant                
 266 Syrmaticus mikado                    Mikado Pheasant                     
 267 Syrmaticus soemmerringii             Copper Pheasant                     
 268 Syrmaticus reevesii                  Reeves's Pheasant                   
 269 Phasianus colchicus                  Common Pheasant                     
 270 Chrysolophus pictus                  Golden Pheasant                     
 271 Chrysolophus amherstiae              Lady Amherst's Pheasant             
 272 Polyplectron chalcurum               Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant      
 273 Polyplectron inopinatum              Mountain Peacock-Pheasant           
 274 Polyplectron germaini                Germain's Peacock-Pheasant          
 275 Polyplectron bicalcaratum            Grey Peacock-Pheasant               
 276 Polyplectron malacense               Malayan Peacock-Pheasant            
 277 Polyplectron schleiermacheri         Bornean Peacock-Pheasant            
 278 Polyplectron emphanum                Palawan Peacock-Pheasant            
 279 Rheinardia ocellata                  Crested Argus                       
 280 Argusianus argus                     Great Argus                         
 281 Afropavo congensis                   Congo Peacock or Congo Peafowl      
 282 Pavo cristatus                       Indian Peafowl                      
 283 Pavo muticus                         Green Peafowl                       
 284 Falcipennis falcipennis              Siberian Grouse                     
 285 Falcipennis canadensis               Spruce Grouse                       
 286 Dendragapus obscurus                 Blue Grouse                         
 287 Lagopus lagopus                      Willow Ptarmigan                    
 288 Lagopus mutus                        Rock Ptarmigan                      
 289 Lagopus leucurus                     White-tailed Ptarmigan              
 290 Tetrao tetrix                        Black Grouse                        
 291 Tetrao mlokosiewiczi                 Caucasian Grouse                    
 292 Tetrao urogallus                     Western Capercaillie                
 293 Tetrao parvirostris                  Black-billed Capercaillie           
 294 Bonasa bonasia                       Hazel Grouse                        
 295 Bonasa sewerzowi                     Chinese Grouse                      
 296 Bonasa umbellus                      Ruffed Grouse                       
 297 Centrocercus urophasianus            Sage Grouse                         
 298 Tympanuchus phasianellus             Sharp-tailed Grouse                 
 299 Tympanuchus cupido                   Greater Prairie-chicken             
 300 Tympanuchus pallidicinctus           Lesser Prairie-chicken              
 301 Meleagris gallopavo                  Wild Turkey                         
 302 Meleagris ocellata                   Ocellated Turkey                    
  Numididae: Guineafowls                  
 303 Agelastes meleagrides                White-breasted Guineafowl           
 304 Agelastes niger                      Black Guineafowl                    
 305 Numida meleagris                     Helmeted Guineafowl                 
 306 Guttera plumifera                    Plumed Guineafowl                   
 307 Guttera pucherani                    Crested Guineafowl                  
 308 Acryllium vulturinum                 Vulturine Guineafowl                
10  Odontophoridae: New World Quails        
 309 Dendrortyx barbatus                  Bearded Wood-Partridge              
 310 Dendrortyx macroura                  Long-tailed Wood-Partridge          
 311 Dendrortyx leucophrys                Buffy-crowned Wood-Partridge        
 312 Oreortyx pictus                      Mountain Quail                      
 313 Callipepla squamata                  Scaled Quail                        
 314 Callipepla douglasii                 Elegant Quail                       
 315 Callipepla californica               California Quail                    
 316 Callipepla gambelii                  Gambel's Quail                      
 317 Philortyx fasciatus                  Banded Quail or Barred Quail        
 318 Colinus virginianus                  Northern Bobwhite                   
 319 Colinus nigrogularis                 Black-throated or Yucatan Bobwhite  
 320 Colinus cristatus                    Crested Bobwhite                    
 321 Odontophorus gujanensis              Marbled Wood-Quail                  
 322 Odontophorus capueira                Spot-winged Wood-Quail              
 323 Odontophorus melanotis               Black-eared Wood-Quail              
 324 Odontophorus erythrops               Rufous-fronted Wood-Quail           
 325 Odontophorus atrifrons               Black-fronted Wood-Quail            
 326 Odontophorus hyperythrus             Chestnut Wood-Quail                 
 327 Odontophorus melanonotus             Dark-backed Wood-Quail              
 328 Odontophorus speciosus               Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail          
 329 Odontophorus dialeucos               Tacarcuna Wood-Quail                
 330 Odontophorus strophium               Gorgeted Wood-Quail                 
 331 Odontophorus columbianus             Venezuelan Wood-Quail               
 332 Odontophorus leucolaemus             Black-breasted Wood-Quail           
 333 Odontophorus balliviani              Stripe-faced Wood-Quail             
 334 Odontophorus stellatus               Starred Wood-Quail                  
 335 Odontophorus guttatus                Spotted Wood-Quail                  
 336 Dactylortyx thoracicus               Singing Quail                       
 337 Cyrtonyx montezumae                  Montezuma Quail                     
 338 Cyrtonyx ocellatus                   Ocellated Quail                     
 339 Rhynchortyx cinctus                  Tawny-faced Quail                   
11  Anhimidae: Screamers                    
 340 Anhima cornuta                       Horned Screamer                     
 341 Chauna chavaria                      Northern Screamer                   
 342 Chauna torquata                      Southern Screamer                   
12  Anseranatidae: Magpie Goose                   
 343 Anseranas semipalmata                Magpie Goose
13  Dendrocygnidae: Whistling-Ducks         
 345 Dendrocygna eytoni                   Plumed Whistling-Duck               
 346 Dendrocygna bicolor                  Fulvous Whistling-Duck              
 347 Dendrocygna arcuata                  Wandering Whistling-Duck            
 348 Dendrocygna javanica                 Lesser Whistling-Duck               
 349 Dendrocygna viduata                  White-faced Whistling-Duck          
 350 Dendrocygna arborea                  West Indian Whistling-Duck          
 351 Dendrocygna autumnalis               Black-bellied Whistling-Duck        
 352 Thalassornis leuconotus              White-backed Duck 
14   Anatidae: Ducks and Allies          
 353 Nomonyx dominica                     Masked Duck                         
 354 Oxyura jamaicensis                   Ruddy Duck                          
 355 Oxyura ferruginea                    Andean Duck                         
 356 Oxyura leucocephala                  White-headed Duck                   
 357 Oxyura maccoa                        Maccoa Duck                         
 358 Oxyura vittata                       Lake Duck                           
 359 Oxyura australis                     Blue-billed Duck                    
 360 Biziura lobata                       Musk Duck                           
 361 Heteronetta atricapilla              Black-headed Duck                   
 362 Stictonetta naevosa                  Freckled Duck                       
 363 Cygnus olor                          Mute Swan                           
 364 Cygnus atratus                       Black Swan                          
 365 Cygnus melanocorypha                 Black-necked Swan                   
 366 Cygnus cygnus                        Whooper Swan                        
 367 Cygnus buccinator                    Trumpeter Swan                      
 368 Cygnus columbianus                   Tundra Swan                         
 369 Coscoroba coscoroba                  Coscoroba Swan                      
 370 Anser cygnoides                      Swan Goose                          
 371 Anser brachyrhynchus                 Pink-footed Goose                   
 372 Anser fabalis                        Bean Goose                          
 373 Anser albifrons                      Greater White-fronted Goose         
 374 Anser erythropus                     Lesser White-fronted Goose          
 375 Anser anser                          Greylag Goose                       
 376 Anser indicus                        Bar-headed Goose                    
 377 Anser caerulescens                   Snow Goose                          
 378 Anser rossii                         Ross's Goose                        
 379 Anser canagica                       Emperor Goose                       
 380 Branta sandvicensis                  Hawaiian Goose or Nene              
 381 Branta canadensis                    Canada Goose                        
 382 Branta leucopsis                     Barnacle Goose                      
 383 Branta bernicla                      Brent Goose                         

 384 Branta ruficollis                    Red-breasted Goose                  
 385 Cereopsis novaehollandiae            Cape Barren Goose                   
 386 Cyanochen cyanopterus                Blue-winged Goose                   
 387 Chloephaga melanoptera               Andean Goose                        
 388 Chloephaga picta                     Upland Goose or Magellan Goose      
 389 Chloephaga hybrida                   Kelp Goose                          
 390 Chloephaga poliocephala              Ashy-headed Goose                   
 391 Chloephaga rubidiceps                Ruddy-headed Goose                  
 392 Neochen jubata                       Orinoco Goose                       
 393 Alopochen aegyptiacus                Egyptian Goose                      
 394 Tadorna ferruginea                   Ruddy Shelduck                      
 395 Tadorna cana                         South African Shelduck              
 396 Tadorna tadornoides                  Australian Shelduck                 
 397 Tadorna variegata                    Paradise Shelduck                   
 398 Tadorna cristata                     Crested Shelduck                    
 399 Tadorna tadorna                      Common Shelduck                     
 400 Tadorna radjah                       Radjah Shelduck                     
 401 Tachyeres pteneres                   Flightless Steamerduck              
 402 Tachyeres leucocephalus              Chubut Steamerduck                  
 403 Tachyeres brachypterus               Falkland Steamerduck                
 404 Tachyeres patachonicus               Flying Steamerduck                  
 405 Plectropterus gambensis              Spur-winged Goose                   
 406 Cairina moschata                     Muscovy Duck                        
 407 Cairina scutulata                    White-winged Duck                   
 408 Pteronetta hartlaubii                Hartlaub's Duck                     
 409 Sarkidiornis melanotos               Comb Duck                           
 410 Nettapus pulchellus                  Green Pygmy-goose                   
 411 Nettapus coromandelianus             Cotton Pygmy-goose                  
 412 Nettapus auritus                     African Pygmy-goose                 
 413 Callonetta leucophrys                Ringed Teal                         
 414 Aix sponsa                           Wood Duck                           
 415 Aix galericulata                     Mandarin Duck                       
 416 Chenonetta jubata                    Maned Duck or Australian Wood Duck  
 417 Amazonetta brasiliensis              Brazilian Teal                      
 418 Merganetta armata                    Torrent Duck                        
 419 Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos          Blue Duck                           
 420 Salvadorina waigiuensis              Salvadori's Teal                    
 421 Lophonetta specularioides            Crested Duck                        
 422 Anas specularis                      Spectacled Duck                     
 423 Anas capensis                        Cape Teal                           
 424 Anas strepera                        Gadwall                             
 425 Anas falcata                         Falcated Teal or Falcated Duck      
 426 Anas penelope                        Eurasian Wigeon                     
 427 Anas americana                       American Wigeon                     
 428 Anas sibilatrix                      Chiloe Wigeon                       
 429 Anas sparsa                          African Black Duck                  
 430 Anas rubripes                        American Black Duck                 
 431 Anas fulvigula                       Mottled Duck                        
 432 Anas platyrhynchos                   Mallard                             
 433 Anas wyvilliana                      Hawaiian Duck or Koloa              
 434 Anas laysanensis                     Laysan Duck                         
 435 Anas poecilorhyncha                  Spot-billed Duck                    
 436 Anas luzonica                        Philippine Duck                     
 437 Anas superciliosa                    Pacific Black Duck                  
 438 Anas undulata                        Yellow-billed Duck                  
 439 Anas melleri                         Meller's Duck                       
 440 Anas discors                         Blue-winged Teal                    
 441 Anas cyanoptera                      Cinnamon Teal                       
 442 Anas smithii                         Cape Shoveler                       
 443 Anas platalea                        Red Shoveler                        
 444 Anas rhynchotis                      Australian Shoveler                 
 445 Anas clypeata                        Northern Shoveler                   
 446 Anas bernieri                        Bernier's Teal or Madagascar Teal   
 447 Anas gibberifrons                    Indonesian Teal                     
 448 Anas gracilis                        Grey Teal                           
 449 Anas castanea                        Chestnut Teal                       
 450 Anas aucklandica                     Flightless Teal                     
 451 Anas bahamensis                      White-cheeked Pintail               
 452 Anas erythrorhyncha                  Red-billed Duck                     
 453 Anas flavirostris                    Speckled Teal                       
 454 Anas acuta                           Northern Pintail                    
 455 Anas eatoni                          Eaton's Pintail                     
 456 Anas georgica                        Yellow-billed Pintail               
 457 Anas querquedula                     Garganey                            
 458 Anas formosa                         Baikal Teal                         
 459 Anas crecca                          Common Teal                         
 460 Anas puna                            Puna Teal                           
 461 Anas versicolor                      Silver Teal                         
 462 Anas hottentota                      Hottentot Teal                      
 463 Malacorhynchus membranaceus          Pink-eared Duck                     
 464 Marmaronetta angustirostris          Marbled Teal                        
 465 Rhodonessa caryophyllacea            Pink-headed Duck                    
 466 Netta rufina                         Red-crested Pochard                 
 467 Netta peposaca                       Rosy-billed Pochard                 
 468 Netta erythrophthalma                Southern Pochard                    
 469 Aythya ferina                        Common Pochard                      
 470 Aythya valisineria                   Canvasback                          

 471 Aythya americana                     Redhead                             
 472 Aythya collaris                      Ring-necked Duck                    
 473 Aythya nyroca                        Ferruginous Pochard                 
 474 Aythya innotata                      Madagascar Pochard                  
 475 Aythya baeri                         Baer's Pochard                      
 476 Aythya australis                     Hardhead                            
 477 Aythya fuligula                      Tufted Duck                         
 478 Aythya novaeseelandiae               New Zealand Scaup                   
 479 Aythya marila                        Greater Scaup                       
 480 Aythya affinis                       Lesser Scaup                        
 481 Somateria mollissima                 Common Eider                        
 482 Somateria spectabilis                King Eider                          
 483 Somateria fischeri                   Spectacled Eider                    
 484 Polysticta stelleri                  Steller's Eider                     
 485 Camptorhynchus labradorius           Labrador Duck                       
 486 Histrionicus histrionicus            Harlequin Duck                      
 487 Clangula hyemalis                    Long-tailed Duck or Oldsquaw        
 488 Melanitta nigra                      Black Scoter                        
 489 Melanitta perspicillata              Surf Scoter                         
 490 Melanitta fusca                      White-winged Scoter                 
 491 Bucephala clangula                   Common Goldeneye                    
 492 Bucephala islandica                  Barrow's Goldeneye                  
 493 Bucephala albeola                    Bufflehead                          
 494 Mergellus albellus                   Smew                                
 495 Lophodytes cucullatus                Hooded Merganser                    
 496 Mergus octosetaceus                  Brazilian Merganser                 
 497 Mergus serrator                      Red-breasted Merganser              
 498 Mergus squamatus                     Scaly-sided Merganser               
 499 Mergus merganser                     Common Merganser                    
 500 Mergus australis                     Auckland Islands Merganser
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